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Greece is a land steeped in myths and legends, bathed in bright sunlight and cooled by the sea breeze, a real Mediterranean beauty. Dotted with thousands of islands and carpeted with century-old olive trees, brimming with shimmering turquoise waters and beaches with cotton-soft sand, Greece is a year-round nature’s playground that will entice you. The country boasts a mild climate and sunny days almost throughout the year, making it the perfect backdrop for any wedding style, as well as a very popular one. 

Whether you dream of a country-chic wedding with blooming flowers and guests with parasols or an all-the-way summer wedding with iconic Cycladic aesthetic, Greece won’t fail to satisfy you. With venues aplenty, both traditional and luxurious, urban or resort-style and some hidden gems we take pride in knowing, Greece is indeed the perfect location to host your joyous day. Its endless beauty comes with endless possibilities, and we are here to sort them out for you. From barefoot ceremonies on the beach, island-chic nuptials in Mykonos, tying the knot in Santorini with Caldera vistas to fairytale weddings in stone-built castles like Monemvasia, we adapt to every style and taste, ensuring some Greek flair and sophistication.

Let us show you the side of Greece we know, the one you won’t find in brochures or travel websites and turn your wedding day into an experience you and your guests will cherish for the years to come. 

What makes Greece so special as a wedding destination?

Reasons why you should choose Greece as your wedding destination can be countless, but we have rounded up some points that will have you move Greece higher – if not at the top – of your “Dream Wedding Locations” list. 

History: A country brimming with ancient history. Getting married in Greece means you can do it around thousand-year-old surroundings and historical monuments. 

Settings: Greece boasts a super abundance of captivating settings for your wedding backdrop. From traditional upland villages, medieval castles, secluded beaches and countryside beauties to the iconic island scenery with the white-on-white facades and the gorgeous chapels with the blue domes – Greece has something for every couple! 

Holiday: Offering your guests the chance to not only be part of your joyous day but also enjoy a few days of holiday in this amazing country is definitely a reason to RSVP as quickly as possible! 

Hospitality: We take pride in our warm, genuine hospitality. By the end of your wedding your guests will surely know the Greek word for it – philoxenia – and its true meaning. 

Food: Authentic Greek food and wine are solid reasons to choose Greece to tie the knot. Fresh ingredients from our fertile land are the key to some dishes that you and your guest will love.  

Honeymoon: No need to wait for your honeymoon to start. You can prolong you stay in Greece and enjoy you honeymoon here, straight after your wedding. There’s a reason why Greece always makes it to the top numbers of the “best honeymoon destinations” lists and articles – it is simply gorgeous! 

Design: This is where we work our magic! We always incorporate elements of the venue to your wedding, creating a memorable event for you and your guests.  It can be sand from the beach in a bottle, olive tree leaves to toss at the newlyweds, local desserts or welcome gifts with traditional goodies. 

Tradition: Different regions have different traditions that can be infused to your wedding, providing it a touch of extra originality. 

Love: Don’t forget in Ancient Greece, people believed that Love – Eros in Greek – was a god to be worshipped! 

Greece, the Ultimate Wedding Destination


Sunglasses and fans at the ready! Seaside weddings are an all-time-classic in Greece. From boho-chic weddings on the beach to outdoors ceremonies in the Greek islands, a seaside wedding will make a lasting impression to your guests with its laid-back style.


Perfect choice for the romantic souls of this world! Shabby chic aesthetics, enchanting rustic venues, blooming wildflowers, long tables and al fresco dining under the stars - the Greek countryside will definitely captivate you!


Wanting to feel like a princess? Then maybe a Castle wedding is the right fit for you. Oozing Venetian refined aesthetics, the stone-build Greek castles like the castle-town of Monemvasia or the Fortezza of Rethymno will add some medieval charm and romanticism to your special day.


Dreaming of chic and stylish nuptials in gorgeous resorts? There is an ever-growing list of top-notch resorts all across the country, like Costa Navarino in the Peloponnese or even Athens. Greek resorts will make an amazing backdrop and grand your wedding day with the wow-factor you dream of.

Let this initial contact be the beginning of your Greek dream wedding 

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