Doing what you like is freedom
Loving what you do is happiness


A little bit about me….

I am an aficionada…

As long as I can remember myself, I was always the girl who organized all the school events, the surprise parties, the special family celebrations…
Growing up, I knew this was not a young girl’s infatuation. I studied Communication and Management and I had the honor to have  worked with the leaders of the advertising industry as a member of the team of one of the best advertising group of companies worldwide.  
I then pursued more studies in decoration as well as public relations and I am here today, leading the creative team of Happy Events for more than 15 years.

I am an achiever…

My career path throughout the years, has given me the opportunity to set up two shops in Athens, a franchise store in Cyprus a few years back , and foster partnerships, which have developed into friendships.
Today these partnerships bloom I insist on creating unforgettable experiences for my couples with the same passion, love, and stubbornness for perfection!
I am always after high aesthetics maintaining the perfect balance between style and elegance!

I am a memory maker...

I love young couples for they are my true inspiration.
I welcome them, I talk to them, I analyze them. I love listening to their love stories, how they look at each other, the power that their love emits and the dreams of their new life together.
I create each wedding to represent every couple that chooses me. Each wedding romantic or fashionable, glamorous or simple, I want it to have something of your love, your aura, your vibes!
I love to organize weddings like this and this love has been guiding the course of Happy Events for the last 15 years.
I long to turn your dreams into everlasting memories….

I am a seeker...

I’m a collector of moments; moments of creation, inspiration, energy.
When I’m not in front of my laptop planning an event, I’m constantly seeking new sources of inspiration exploring new destinations all over Greece and fueling my passion for design.  
I believe life is an experience, and I’m all about living it.
I love travelling.
It’s where the magic happens…  
I love yachting with my husband in the Greek islands, spending time with my two daughters. 
I cherish a calm evening with my friends enjoying a great glass of wine, listening to Lara Fabian music or sleeping under the stars on a warm summer night.

My way

Romantic and dreamy by nature, I feel so lucky that my passion is my job and my job is my passion!
My wish and mission is to be there for you.
Mainly as a friend, when you really need it and then as a planner and stylist giving all the necessary guidance and ideas.
My success is to create a perfect symphony between style and feelings.
Feelings that nourish your soul with the style that fills your eyes and exceeds your expectations.

I love to design unforgettable moments inspired by the couple I have in front of me and let them really enjoy the magic of these moments.
Inspired by a man and a woman in love, ready to start a new life together.
Inspired by one unique love story.
I want to be part of your story.

That’s my way. That’s what I love to do.
It’s not just a job but a privilege and a great responsibility to make timeless life moments.
Let’s create together memories that will last for a lifetime. 

I invite and challenge you to this wonderful journey…

A roundup of my favorite bits and pieces for a timeless wedding


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