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Destination wedding in Greece


Why you should say yes to a destination wedding in Greece


Greece is definitely one of  the most popular wedding destinations and every year there is a notable increase in the numbers of couples wanting to have a Greek destination wedding.



destination wedding in Greece
destination wedding in Greece


Congratulations on your engagement! 



So, why get married in Greece? 

Greece is perpetually sunny, and the weather is generally warm year-round.

With countless beautiful venues and wonderful islands makes it also an excellent case for your honeymoon. The perfect 2 for 1 deal! 

A myriad of islands scattered in the Aegean and Ionian Sea makes Greece an ideal spot for any style of wedding.

Crete island and Rhodes are also great choices for getting married in Greece. The one thing that is certain is that everyone loves a sunset wedding in Greece.

There are super-luxe options too, with impeccable resorts that will turn your wedding into the epitome of seaside chic. Some gorgeous luxury wedding venues in Greece can be found in Santorini. The island is the perfect backdrop for such a wedding, with the dramatic Caldera vistas, the deep-orange sunsets and the Cycladic- chic resorts. Your guests will cherish your choice of wedding destination while sipping their cocktails. Mainland Greece also has some top-tier, super luxury wedding venues such as Coasta Navarino and Amanzoe. Getting married on their manicured lawns is an absolute dream. 

Discerning couples who want more than a Greek destination-wedding-in-a-box, will fall for the cozy rustic resorts of mainland Greece and its old mansions like Kinsterna Hotel. Expect lush grounds backed with mountain vistas and the country’s most stunning foliage. You can design a menu filled with fresh, local ingredients and delicious wines. Add some wildflowers and you have a shabby chic stunner of a wedding. 

For those couples who really want the fairytale castle wedding, there are stone-build castles like the one in Rhodes, Monemvasia or the Fortezza in Rethymno offering big-time sophistication and Venetian charm aplenty. 

No matter what type of wedding and location speaks to your heart, Greece won’t fail to satisfy you, it is indeed a top wedding destination. 

What are you waiting for, start planning your Greek destination wedding! 

If you are planning and designing a destination wedding in Greece,  get in touch !
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