We believe in the value of beauty
and the magic of love

Happy Events develops a style that is timeless, stylish and chic.

We love to create scenarios where the couple and the guests become
the protagonists of a fairy tale, a true triumph of love and beauty. 

With years of experience in event management, HAPPY EVENTS is a luxury event coordination & design company, devoted to conceptualizing and organizing any type of social or corporate event in all the top-notch wedding venues all around Greece and the Greek islands .
HAPPY EVENTS is today a reference point in Greece for tailor made weddings  and events for many foreign couples who choose Greece as a destination for their celebration.
Specialized in destination weddings and events , we know in depth the culture, traditions, all the beauty and elements Greece has to offer.
We create weddings from the beginning until the last detail, with integrity and love for perfection!
Each HAPPY EVENTS design is as unique as the couple itself.

What we do

We create your happy events.



Life offers so many reasons to celebrate!
We love to be a part of those celebrations, whether  it’s planning a destination wedding,  a corporate event, a birthday party or a private event.
Our Planning & Design Process starts by setting your priorities, listening to your dreams, your love story and identifying your style in each choice, creating distinctive events with luxurious handmade details, based on your specific needs and desires, through an exquisite event experience.
On our first consultation we will try to establish effective communication in order to connect to your vision. Connection with our couples is of the outmost importance as we will be your guide, support and friend through this journey.
We will talk through the key points of your wedding . Sophie,the soul of HAPPY EVENTS,  has the unique talent to capture and trace even the slightest details of your personality which you would like to reflect on your wedding day, even if you cannot literally express them in words.

weddings in Greece

Then, with the help of mood boards and a refined well of ideas we will set the right directions, and enrich your event with sensory stimuli – colours, smells, textures…these are the elements that will give life to your wedding.
We explore a wide set of creative possibilities according to your needs and budget. Unique structures? Eye-catching florals and graphics? The choices are endless; the ideas are brilliant!
It is essential to create a universe for you and your love for that special day. A universe to embrace you and your beloved guests who you will share these moments with. Whether you are looking for a seaside locale, a countryside spot or a luxury resort, we are here to deliver the perfect result with the loyal support from a wide circle of professionals that we work with.
Always keeping abreast of the latest trends, detail-oriented, we will be by your side in every step of this project, to create the time-line, keep you relaxed and confident and make sure that your wedding day turns into a treasured memory.

Why Us

We are here to breathe inspiration into your wedding, to support and coordinate every little detail, making sure that your event will meet your goals and exceed your expectations.
We love Greece for its natural beauty and atmosphere, for its magical light and ambiance so eloquently described by the great poets. We can open new horizons to your choices by revealing unknown original venues, showing you from the classical romantic beauty of the Greek islands to an alternative secluded magic that can unfold off the beaten track. 
Let us guide you and reveal to you this unknown side of Greece, a kind of beauty that can go beyond  the typical snapshots. We will disclose spots of paradise reserved to the restless.
We believe in using the Greek features in our weddings.
We are inspired by Greece and we use this source of inspiration in the weddings we plan. 


Greece is a fertile land that provides us not only with the renowned sunlight, that can be found nowhere else on this planet, and of course the Mediterranean sea, but also those unique ingredients that stimulate the senses: the elegant mastiha, the delicate lavender and rosemary, the eternal olive tree…
We indulge in Greece’s elements for they will make your wedding one of a kind.
Being part of a dynamic group of companies, HAPPY EVENTS can offer  comprehensive packages / concepts and guarantee an impeccable result. We have the advantage of providing our clients with our own production skills and equipment, such as audiovisual coverage and therefore offer you the most competitive prices.



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