Same Sex Weddings in Greece

Experience the most beautiful moment of your life with a gay
wedding in Greece. 


LGBTQ Weddings in Greece.

same sex weddings in greece

Love is love and it should be celebrated!

We support marriage equality and we are happy to plan, design and execute the vision for any same sex couple who dream of a wedding in Greece!

Greece is full of wonderful settings ,such as private villas and hotels with breathtaking sea views, for all LGBT couples from all around the world to have their symbolic wedding.
same sex wedding in greece

Our mission is to support love.

Host an event exactly as you'd like it without "must-haves"


Why gay wedding in Greece?

Can you imagine a more ideal place than Greece for same sex people to exchange their vows?
Fabulous weather most months of the year, stunning islands with deep blue waters, private luxury villas, endless hotel options, gastronomy and vibrant nightlife are some of the reasons why to choose Greece for your lgbtq wedding.
The land of philosophy, beauty and light invites you to celebrate the most beautiful moment of your life. Actually the most beautiful moments, because they will be private!
A gay wedding in Greece is an event we love to arrange and we already have a wealth of experience in organising same sex weddings in Greece. 
From the first meeting with Sofia Vamvouni, founder of Happy
Events, until the day you leave Greece, united in matrimony, you will enjoy a continuous stream of exciting and emotional moments!
You have to live your same sex wedding in Greece to the fullest, not to organize it.
We are here for all you need.

We honour same sex weddings in Greece

It is an honour for us to be entrusted with the weddings of LGBT couples because we understand the importance of their decision and the celebration with family and friends. We can promise that your guests will be thrilled!
Passionate about love, it is our important mission to support every relationship and to bring the dreams of both partners to fruition always with great sensitivity, imagination, and finesse.
As gay wedding in Greece is not yet institutionalised, we can create the ultimate framework for you to swear eternal love in a wonderful symbolic ceremony!
The symbolic wedding that we organise is distinguished by devotion, emotion and ritual and gives the appropriate weight to this great moment. Both the couple and their relatives and friends, during the ceremony, feel the solemnity and the importance of the exchange of the couple’s vows.




Can you imagine standing on the sand with the gentle waves caressing your feet while your beloved swears eternal love before all?
Do you dream of watching the beautiful Aegean sunset while you are dancing your first dance with your beloved?
Or sipping your champagne framed by the backdrop of the majestic Acropolis?
Our aim is to find you the ideal venue for your wedding. You can trust us to suggest enchanting locations to suit every personality. Trust us to suggest enchanting locations to suit your personalities. We know the Greek islands, the coasts, the infrastructure and the
services provided. We can recommend Santorini, Mykonos, Rhodes, Amorgos, Ios, Folegandros, Crete, Halkidiki, Corfu and other fabulous places that are the perfect setting for a gay wedding in Greece. Your wedding could take place in a luxury private villa, on a private yacht and any place that ensures the privacy of the moment.
Meanwhile you can always choose an open event on a gorgeous beach, , in a boutique hotel, in a tiny harbor or in any scene your mind can imagine!

The type of marriage

Are you romantic or modern?
Do you love glamour or simplicity?
Do you want sophistication and classicism or sophistication and minimalism?
Do you like to impress or do you want a quiet, deeply spiritual experience?
Do you want your wedding to be the only event or for it to be accompanied by other events or parties?
Whatever your plan, Happy Events can!
We can organize the wedding of your dreams and beyond your wildest dreams.
Our comprehensive experience allows us after a short interview to identify the factors that will make up your ideal wedding. Equally important, the wedding that your guests will adore. With great sensitivity for your big decision, style and elegance, our experienced organizers can fulfill any wedding concept you desire. We promise that whatever you decide, we will offer you the best version of it.
But be prepared, your guests will ask you every year for a repetition for your anniversary!


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