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Wedding in Spetses-a fairytale destination


Wedding in Spetses

Why choose to get married in Spetses 


If you dream of a fairy tale and cosmopolitan wedding in Greece  https://happyevents.gr/destination-weddings-in-greece , organize your wedding in Spetses.

Spetses is one of the top Greek wedding destinations.

Spetses island
Spetses island one of the top Greek wedding destinations

The island that as soon as you disembark you will feel its aura and you will understand why its one of the best Greek wedding destinations.
Its glorious history, the noble families of Spetses, the architecture and the natural environment make this island a unique destination for a luxury wedding in Greece.
The nobility of Spetses ensures the exclusivity that suits couples and guests who love class and elegance, but also endless Greek nights of fun!

In Spetses, worldliness is combined with joy and elegance with comfort:

Spetses is very close to the Greek mainland, 1 hour from the port of Piraeus and 15 minutes from Porto Heli by boat. The access is therefore very fast!

There are no cars in Spetses! Movement around the island is by taxi, traditional carriages, bicycles and scooters.

This in itself makes Spetses one of the best Greek wedding destinations!

wedding in Spetses
fairytale wedding in Spetses

It is an island that played a historical role in the Greek revolution and gave birth to important personalities.

It is a destination for jet setters because of the aristocracy and the gracious hospitality it offers to its visitors.

The food in Spetses is simply fantastic!

The entertainment in Spetses is unique in Greece!


Υour wedding in Spetses


Spetses is one of the top Greek wedding destinations if you love class and fun. It is the island chosen for weddings by the blue bloods and jet setters.
Spetses dresses up every event with the air of luxury and sophistication.

It will offer you a fairytale environment, pleasant for guests of all ages, and a fantastic landscape for pre-wedding events, parties  https://happyevents.gr/party-planning/  and
of course the perfect honeymoon.

The iconic https://www.poseidonion.com/en/ Poseidonion Hotel dominates with its grandeur. If you stay at the Poseidonion you will experience a luxurious Spetsesian hospitality.

Poseidonion hotel Spetses
Poseidonion hotel in Spetses

The most amazing thing is that you can walk the seaside route from the hotel to the church of Agios Nikolaos Spetses, one of the most magnificent churches in Greece.
This is the most picturesque among the many beautiful churches of Spetses. It has a pebbled courtyard, a beautiful bell tower and a legendary history!

In Spetses island, you all will have a great time! Young people will be partying until the morning as the nightlife is one of the best in Greece.

Seniors will be safe and relaxed throughout their stay. The socialites will enjoy every moment. Nature lovers will be enchanted.
Food is also another advantage to choose your wedding in Spetses. To wedding reception and dinners before and after the wedding can be organized in the amazing restaurants of Spetses.
Both their Mediterranean – Greek cuisine and their service are of high quality.

Spetses is an ideal island for any kind of wedding.  For a micro wedding in Greece, for civil weddings, and for gay weddings   https://happyevents.gr/gay-weddings/

It is a famous island where it stands out for the discretion of its inhabitants and visitors. Celebrities from all over the world who visit it regularly guarantee it!


Things to do in Spetses


During your stay in Spetses, you and your guests will have an unforgettable time: You will swim in the crystal clear waters and enjoy the beautiful beaches.

Boats come and go all day long and sail around the island, while water taxis are at your disposal 24 hours a day. Of course, if you have your own yacht you already know how
heavenly the coastline, beaches, bays and blue waters of Spetses are.

Spetses island
Spetses island

You will get in touch with the heart of modern Greek culture and experience important parts of the glorious history of Greece, in which Spetses played a leading role.

The Museum of Laskarina Bouboulinas and the Museum of Spetses will fascinate you!

In Spetses, time passes wonderfully! The days and nights are magical!

You will fall in love! Apart from your beloved, you will fall in love with life itself! The aura of the island, the people, the lifestyle, everything will make you love every moment in Greece and in Spetses!


Why choose Happy Events for your wedding in Spetses


Sofia Vamvouni, the head planner of HAPPY EVENTS https://happyevents.gr/meet-sophie-the-wedding-planner/ , has planned and organized many weddings in Spetses.

She is an expertized wedding planner in Spetses and does not hide that is the island of her heart!

We have the largest network of contacts and partners on the island. We know the best wedding venues and how to organize in each of them.
Organizing a wedding in Spetses requires this great experience!

Contact her to see footage of weddings in Spetses and ask about your own unforgettable wedding in Spetses.


If you are planning and designing a destination wedding in Greece,  get in touch !
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