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5 steps after you get engaged

Wedding Planning Tips to Achieve Your Dream Wedding


Congratulations on your engagement!

You have dreamt about this moment your entire life. This is so exciting, you are about to start a new life together, but before you do that, there’s a wedding to plan!  Stressing already? Don’t worry, I am here with some useful tips about your next steps, as you get ready for your wedding day!

Planning & styling by HAPPY EVENTS – photo by @dimitrioskitsakis


1. Relax and do your own thing!


Try to think of this time, the wedding planning process, as an adventure, rather than as a stressful experience.
Don’t think about what you must do but what you really want to do.
There are no rules to weddings. Each wedding is unique. Be yourselves and spend on what’s important to you, what you are dreaming about. Don’t ever feel like you need to include something in your wedding day just because it’s what everybody is doing.
Sure, you want to keep your parents happy, but remember you are the bride and groom, your happy day should make you truly happy!

Planning & Styling by HAPPY EVENTS – photo by @effiegrigoriou


2. Set the date, then set your budget!


It should be the first thing done before any planning begins to happen.
Are you dreaming about a beach wedding on a Greek island overlooking the sea, or a luxury wedding? But what about the cost?
Once you have this decided, you can work out what type of venue you’re looking for and the style of your wedding.
Include any amount that your families may be contributing.
When setting your budget, break it down into key areas such as wedding ceremony, wedding reception, flowers, stationery, wedding dress, etc.
Then make your decisions based on what matters most.

Keep in mind that budgets are adjustable. The same budget can accommodate a luxury wedding with less people, or a more modest one for everyone you know, not to mention a micro-wedding in your favorite Greek island!

Planning & Styling by HAPPY EVENTS – photo by @LesAnagnou


3. Inspiration


Get inspired by your own love story, of how you have met, your travels together, the proposal venue, details or a place you both love. Create a vision board – on Pinterest for example – with places, wedding style, themes, wedding gowns and most of all the ambience you would like to have.
Are you dreaming of a sunset wedding in Santorini? It can’t get more romantic than exchanging vows in Santorini, Greece, as the sun plunges into the Aegean Sea!
Or a boho-chic beach wedding in Naxos island?
Why not start to think about a Greek style wedding? Imagine tying the knot at a Greek white blue chapel by the sea, then taking your guests to a Greek traditional taverna on the beach with local fresh seafood, Greek ouzo or wine, Greek traditional island live music and the sound of the waves!
Are you thinking about a romantic style wedding, or are you the modern edgy type of couple that wants to throw the rule book out?
Talk about it, bounce ideas off each other, and get started!

Planning & styling by HAPPY EVENTS – photo by @skigoweddingphotographer



4. Find your wedding planner


Most couples are usually confused about planning their wedding day.
You need a wedding planner, and, remember, you deserve one!

If you are dreaming of a Greek wedding you are very lucky. Greece is one of the world’s top wedding destinations, which means that Greek wedding planners have got the best know-how, experience and love of their country to ensure your wedding dreams can come true!
Find a wedding planner who makes you feel comfortable, a person that you have a good connection with, and that you feel your personalities mesh well.
Also, make sure that their design style aligns with your vision for your big day.

You’ll be spending a lot of time with your planner over the next months. Be sure she or he is creative and patient.
She will be the person who will guide you, organize all the details you have scattered in your mind, share your anxieties, and protect you from “costly mistakes”.
There are so many options available concerning wedding venues, menu, accommodation, wedding flowers, wedding cake designs, wedding styling and maybe you are so confused to find what suits your needs and fits your wallet.

The right wedding planner can definitely save you time and stress by:

– guiding you through the wedding planning process

– helping you find what you want, and what you don’t want, which allows her to come up with targeted ideas

– helping you identify your wedding vision – if you aren’t sure yet

– helping you set your priorities so it can be easy then to set a budget

– offering the necessary reality check, to let you know if your budget and vision line up and how to breakdown the budget for each  vendor

– assisting you with booking your dream venue, the best vendors for your style and budget

– helping you select your ideal wedding color palette, choose the decor, rentals, lighting, and curating an overall aesthetic that carries throughout the entire event

– coordinating, supervising, and taking care of each detail with precision and elegance

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Happy Events – Sophie Vamvouni – photo by Dimitris Kitsakis


5. Enjoy the journey!


You’ll be married to the love of your life, so make sure you remember to have fun!

I always suggest to couples to discuss a lot about the wedding, share inspiration, and make sure to find time for each other and nurture their relationship during these busy months.
I believe that how they communicate and listen to each other while they’re planning their wedding, is a direct reflection of what their married life will be like.
Take a deep breath, relax and start celebrating each other from this moment on!

Planning & Styling by HAPPY EVENTS – photo by @effiegrigoriou


If you are planning and designing a destination wedding in Greece,  get in touch !
Looking for some more ideas, tips, suggestions and inspiration?

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