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Plan Your Dream Gay Wedding in Greece


 Your Dream Gay Wedding in Greece


Dreaming of a gay wedding ? What better place than Greece, the country where the sun shines the brightest?  The country where philosophy was born?

The country where beauty and intellect are valued equally?

At Happy Events our extensive experience enables us to work with the greatest respect and special care for any LGBTQ wedding in Greece.


Gay weddings in Greece
Gay weddings in Greece


We honor same sex weddings in Greece because we know how important it is for a same sex couple to decide to officially join in matrimony in front of their family and friends.

That’s why we are committed to making this day unique for everyone: for the couple, for the family and friends.

We ensure that everyone feels comfortable and happy.



As same sex weddings in Greece have not yet been instituted , we will set up the perfect ritual for you to swear eternal love with all solemnity.
The ceremonies we organize for same sex weddings in Greece are imbued with devotion, emotion and the appropriate gravity of this great moment.
Both the couple and guests, family and friends, feel the gravity and significance of the exchange of the couple’s vows during the ceremony.

gay weddings in Greece
Gay weddings in Greece


Greece is full of amazing venues, ideal for a gay wedding ceremony , where the couple and their guests will have an unforgettable experience.

Islands like Santorini, Mykonos, Rhodes, Ios, Folegandros or places like Chalkidiki and the Peloponnese coast are absolutely ideal locations for exchanging vows to last a lifetime.

These locations are the perfect setting for the celebration of any gay wedding in Greece.

In these locations the ceremony can take place on a private villa,  on a private yacht, on the golden sands of a beach, in a boutique hotel or wherever else you wish.

There are countless possibilities as Greece has become a popular gay wedding destination for people from all over the world in recent years.


Lesbian weddings in Greece
Lesbian weddings in Greece



Whatever style you choose for your same wedding in Greece, you can be sure that we will fulfill your wishes beyond your imagination.
The theme, the details, the coolers, the surprises, the amenities and the flavors we will provide are the elements that will enhance your style with the best of taste.

While everything on the surface will look extremely simple, you know that Happy Events is taking care of all the details behind the scenes.
From our first conversation, during which we will plan the style of your same sex wedding in Greece together, you will see that we care for every detail.

Of course we can organize fantastic pre-events and post events in the same style or in a completely different one.

We can also set up different events for groups of guests, such as a cocktail party for the older guests, a wild party for your friends, a boat trip on the eve of the wedding for everyone or maybe a tour afterwards!



Lesbian wedding in Greece
Lesbian wedding in Greece


Passionate about love, it is our important mission to support every relationship and to bring the dreams of both partners to fruition always with great sensitivity, imagination, and finesse.

We will help you find the perfect destination and create an unforgettable experience

We love the relatives of gay couples who support their decision and we like to make everyone feel very comfortable.

Your trust in us will be gained during the planning of your gay wedding in Greece, but most importantly, with its completion.

We are certain of this because:
We love loving couples no matter what sex
We like to make everyone feel very comfortable
We love people with sensitivities and boldness
We know best gay wedding venues in Greece
We know the locations, vendors and processes.
We know our job very well!


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Contact us for a discussion about your same sex wedding in Greece

If you are planning and designing a destination wedding in Greece,  get in touch !
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