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A Monemvasia wedding of timeless romance


Are you dreaming of a wedding that combines historic castles, and charming villas with vineyards, combined with the blue skies and warmth of Greece? Well, look no further than the magical fortress-island of Monemvasia, in the Southern Peloponese!


The fortress island of Monemvasia


A Monemvasia wedding can promise all of that, and more!

Steeped in history, and unparalleled in beauty, this picture-perfect medieval town is an ideal location for an enchanting, fairy-tale wedding in Greece!

Carved on the slopes of a giant rock in the sea, in the area of Lakonia, Monemvasia was originally constructed in the Middle Ages. Today, it still retains its character, with winding cobblestone alleys and restored old mansions and churches, and breathtaking views to the sea!


Kinsterna Hotel

Add to that an imposing Byzantine mansion complete with a fertile 25-acre estate, haute cuisine, horse carriages, and even a little chapel: now, you have a recipe for a destination wedding in Greece that both you and your guests will remember forever!

Kinsterna wedding
Kinsterna Hotel Wedding

Kinsterna is a stunning ancient fortified stone manor overlooking the sea and the castle of Monemvasia.

Nowadays, it has been lovingly and respectfully restored to a one-of-a-kind award-winning 5-star luxury hotel! featuring striking architecture,and  exquisite accommodation. Within its expansive grounds, you can find amazing pools, restaurants and a lavish spa, as well as private vineyards and orchards.
This utterly mystical place was the inspiration for an editorial photo-shoot that focused on the timelessness of love.


And we were thrilled and extremely proud to see it published in the Wedding Chicks blog!


The vision

For this mesmerizing location, I envisioned a lush, romantic wedding… An intimate, stylish affair which embraced the heritage and natural elements of the region, keeping everything organic and beautiful.

“Forever and always” were the words on the vow stationery, and time seems to stand still when one looks at these pictures by wedding photographer Effie Grigoriou.

A timeless place, a timeless romance… the couple, both exuding classic beauty and class, could have come out of Downton Abbey, or Great Gatsby.

She is a veritable princess, he is an iconic gentleman. And there’s love in the air, a bond that transcends time…


The design

Complementing the aristocratic character of Kinsterna, we set a wedding table which exuded old-world elegance and finesse: antique candelabras and adorable vintage glassware and tableware, with stunning floral arrangements adding a splash of delight.

For the floral design, the ultra-creative Jim Labraco mixed Greek wildflowers and lavender, orange blooms and bunny tails, wild roses, floribunda and antique rose varieties, in unexpected combinations and soft tones.

Kinsterna Hotel wedding table
Kinsterna Hotel wedding table


Paying tribute to local cuisine, there was the traditional Tsaiti pie, a delicious concoction of greens and herbs, created by the hotel’s chef Mr. Giorgos Hapsas. It was paired with the Kinsterna signature wine, which is produced at the hotel’s private vineyards from local wine varieties.

And for a touch of the sweet life, there were traditional local almond desserts by Charamis Cakeshop.

The details

The bride looked positively radiant in her wedding dress by Mairi Mparola, and beautiful jewelry and accessories by Ilias Lalaounis and Iordanis Jewelry.

The groom was handsome and James-Bond dapper in a suit by Tsitsigias.

The couple strolled through the winding cobblestone alleys of the castle, embraced in front of the blue sea, laughed with a puppy… There was even a white horse to complete the Prince Charming fantasy!


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