Dave & Dimitra - Wedding in Ktima 48, Athens Riviera

Planning, Styling & Design  
Photographer : Achilleas Colaclides https://www.achilleascolaclides.com/
Videographer : Lulumeli  https://www.lulumeli.com/
Venue: Ktima 48  https://www.ktima48.gr
Floral designer : Nikos Ntalaperas  https://www.ntalaperas.gr/
Fireworks : Nanos Fireworks  https://nanosfireworks.gr/
Stationery :  Kavalieros   https://www.kavalieros.gr/
Catering : Intercatering  https://intercatering.gr/
Sweets : Biscuits Kookie
Wedding car : Wedding classics  https://www.weddingclassics.gr/
Art de la table : Style Box https://stylebox.gr/

An elegant wedding at the epic venue Ktima 48 in Athens riviera

Dave met Dimitra for the first time, many years ago when he moved to Greece to work. 
He remembers, thinking at the time, how incredibly beautiful she was but way out of his league.
Few years later, based in London as a couple with two lovely babies, it was pretty hard for Dave to decline his marriage proposal.

While some might claim that “Home is where the heart is” we think it’s where family gathers and love blooms. 
They decided to travel to Greece for their Big Day
With Dimitra’s origin from Greece, the choice to get married in a seaside venue in Athens was a one-way street.
Dave and Dimitra’s big day was special, hosting an elegant Orthodox ceremony, the baptism of their babies and the wedding party in Ktima 48, one of the best wedding venues in Athens! 

A double whammy of joy, and we gotta hand it to them for keeping it streamlined and chic for both events.
Their color scheme: elegant whites, whispery blues, and a sprinkle of gold, perfectly complementing the Tiffany blue pool and cozy poolside seats of the amazing venue Ktima 48 in Athens riviera.

During the wedding planning process, they didn’t agree on everything. 
Dimitra wanted a luxury wedding in Athens full of exquisite flower arrangements. Dave was dreaming of a wedding with unlimited frozen cocktails. 
They compromised by doing both.

And to top it off? A drool-worthy wine and pasta bar, ready to indulge guests with some late-night munchies after a moonlit dance fest.

After the great dinner, the wedding party started by a team of Greek traditional dancers. 
Plunge into their gallery for more details!

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