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Wedding dress alternatives for hip and happy brides

Does your wedding dress have to be white? Does it even have to be a wedding dress?
Well, good news, it’s your wedding, and you are the one who makes the rules!
Especially when it comes to your vision of yourself as a bride, you can do anything you want!


The wedding dress is a staple of every wedding. Everyone afterwards wants to know, how did the bride look? There are many young girls who have picked their dream dress long before they have even met their future husband! However, while looking exactly like Cinderella at the ball might have been the dream for a 9-year-old romantic, girls do grow up! You don’t want to be an astronaut anymore either, so why should you stick to that princess gown dream of your childhood?
Don’t get me wrong, there’s nothing wrong with living the wedding gown fantasy, and there is a multitude of beautiful wedding dresses out there for all the brides to be. But what if you are not that type? Let’s discuss creative alternatives to a wedding dress that can suit your personal style, your budget, the location and the vibe of the ceremony – and still allow you to shine like the star that you are!

Free People

A friend got married in a civil ceremony after having already spent 10 years with her boyfriend. It was a short, strictly close-family affair, and the couple did not feel like making a big deal out of it. The bride went to the registry office wearing a white, knee-length fluffy knit cardigan over a crisp white shirt and pin-stripe slacks! It was low-key, yet completely appropriate for her style and mood.

Does that sound too low-key for your taste? Well, for over the top brides, think of Christine Quinn, made famous via the show “Selling Sunset” on Netfix. Here, the bride envisioned a winter wonderland, and asked everyone to come wearing white, while she rocked it in a sequined black Galia Lahav gown and matching black veil!

Christine Quinn wedding

Today it’s not unusual for modern brides to opt for a unique dress rather than a classic wedding design. Say for example you are having a beach wedding in Greece. Thinking of an Antiparos or a Paros wedding? You could easily look perfect in a white boho maxi dress, like the ones here by Spell Bride, Free People and Zimmermann.

Spell Bride

For a hot Mykonos wedding, you could try a classic Halston Heritage dress, via Net-a-Porter which combines legendary couture with Greek Goddess vibes all in one!

However, Mykonos is also famous for its beaches! If you are thinking of getting married on a beach at sunset,  you could opt for a glamorous sequined dress, like these gorgeous pieces by Chosen by Kyha. Nothing says mermaid like these effortless transparencies!

Chosen by Kyha
Chosen by Kyha

Thinking of Corfu wedding?  This island which is steeped in romantic history is ideal for lovers who want to tie the knot in Greece. Would you like to wear something with Jane Austen vibes like this simple and beautiful dress by Daniel Frankel? Or maybe something like these by Needle and Thread?

Needle and Thread
Needle and Thread

For a wedding in Zante island, which is hip and casual,  you can go barefoot and amazing in a white mini, or a floral dress!


Say it’s an intimate wedding in Athens for a few loved ones. How about something short and 60s, like this beauty by Harem Brides or a 1950s chic cocktail dress, also by Harem Brides?

Harem’s Brides
Harem’s Brides

For chic weddings, you can’t go wrong with an elegant white pantsuit, for romantic affairs like, say, a wedding in our beloved Monemvasia, there are stunning floral gowns like these ones by Needle and Thread.


For a party-wedding you can steal the show in a short and sparkly number, you can wear your leather jacket over any gown if you plan to leave on a Harley, and if you are a vintage lover, you can get marvelous swing-era dresses complete with petticoats for an unforgettable look!

Wanna see some more ideas? Well, here, and don’t forget, as wedding planners we are full of ideas not only for your wedding in Greece, but for the perfect wedding dress for you, whether that’s from a bridal shop or from an online catalogue!

If you are planning and designing a destination wedding in Greece,  get in touch !
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