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Planning your wedding in Greece can seem as a daunting task, especially in between a full-time job, daily responsibilities and of course the thousands little details deep that in your heart are equally important for this day.

Picture this: Your soulmate has popped the question and your answer is “Yes!”

That’s when you slowly start drifting into a blind and random Pinterest search on wedding ideas, wedding in Greece, top wedding destinations in Greece, wedding planners in Greece, you face friends and relatives arbitrarily burdening you with their theories and finally you find yourself in front of an internet search of each and every wedding service category where you struggle to guess the best wedding professional in Greece and you still have this familiar feeling that you keep forgetting something even if about a destination wedding in Greece (while you keep your fingers crossed it’s not something important…)

Perhaps then it’s the time to trust your wedding in Greece to a wedding planner in Greece. (Actually, the more proactive ones will save themselves the trouble of all of the above by choosing their wedding planner right after the “Yes!”)

There are 4 fundamental reasons why a wedding planner , when you plan a wedding in Greece, is not so much of an indulgence but a desideratum.


#1 New ideas & The inside knowledge

A wedding planner in Greece has done that quite a few times and she will show up with the right number of ideas for you to choose from solutions for your appetites, after having filtered them to save you the confusion.

She will help you choose the best wedding venues in Greece, whether you wish for an elegant beach wedding in Greece, a castle wedding in Greece or a Greek luxury wedding. She will present the refined choices that are best for you.

Moreover she has ongoing relationships with florists, caterers, stationery designers, photographers, videographers, hair stylists, make-up artists, DJs, even fashion houses and bridal shops! She is the most suitable person to recommend the best professionals for each occasion and budget to each couple, to ensure the ideal result to the last detail.

#2 Time & Money Savers

A wedding planner in Greece is here to save you time and money. Adhering to a timetable is not only feasible, but can also be a stress-free process when you have the right wedding professional in Greece by your side. The wedding planner in Greece will be there to help you with setting the timeline and keeping on schedule, making sure that everything is as it should be in a timely and carefree manner.

What is more your wedding planner in Greece will keep you on a budget sticking to your financial plan. She will be there to point out when and where it’s worth spending some more and when to economize without jeopardizing the final result. Besides, couples benefit from the strong network of professionals a wedding planner works with, as it is this on-going collaboration that gives the wedding planner the advantage to negotiate better deals.

You can relish the leverage the wedding planner in Greece comes with.

#3 Fewer Responsibilities – More Peace of Mind

Preparing a wedding in Greece involves a huge number of responsibilities that you can actually delegate. Meetings, vendors, agreements, contracts, paperwork… All the hard work behind the beautiful floral arrangement at the wedding table, the elegant calligraphy on the invitations, the tailor-made wedding favors, the chilled champagne …Apparently the better the result, the more work it requires. This is what your wedding planner in Greece is here to do, navigate and troubleshoot any last minute changes or issues that may occur. Rely on a professional wedding planner in Greece who is going to dedicate her time exclusively on you.

#4  Your wedding planner in Greece – A friend and an assistant

Your wedding planner in Greece will be by your side. As a bride to be, you will have a confidant, an ally to hear your thoughts, your intimate dreams about your big day. She will listen to your questions, anything that might trouble you and she will be there with a solution. She is the one to take care of you and your spouse to make sute everything runs smoothly, timely and accurately to the last detail. She will be orchestrating your vision and she will coordinate the big day for you. On your wedding day in Greece, you don’t have to bother with anything you don’t want to. It is essential for the couple to relish that day, to indulge in every second of it, to have the peace to live their wedding day.

Always remember:  your wedding in Greece, your big day is a day designed and executed to encapsulate you as a couple. To depict the story that has led you here and create a universe that will embrace your new life together.

Let your wedding planner curate that day, so that you can live it.


If you are planning and designing a destination wedding in Greece,  get in touch !
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